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Jan Powell

Theatre and Communications
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Public Speaking 

Working from a comprehensive approach that links personal and professional goals, Jan develops each client’s unique presentation style, resulting in extremely effective, forthright, eloquent communication.

Additional services include speechwriting, leadership image consultation, media training, strategic planning, and revamping in-person communication styles to enhance corporate re-branding. She can assist in overcoming any communication challenge, from big events to day-to-day communications.

Your speaking style is unique to you. No cookie-cutter approach to presenting can match the appeal and effectiveness of a speaker who is in confident, easy command of the moment, and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Jan works with clients to enhance their uniquely dynamic assets as communicators, selecting methods specific to each individual, empowering them with self-possessed success in every speaking situation.


Your "Elevator Speech"

Visual cues of leadership

Techniques for press and media interviews

Successful interview techniques

Teamwork and unity in communication

Skills in crisis management

Ability to "read the room" 

A distinctively powerful style of personal communication

Eloquently memorable material for speeches and presentations

PR & organizational strategies that manifest your message

Effectiveness & ease - one-on-one or one-to-many

Persuasive power in personal encounters

Enhanced vocal tone, eloquence, and finesse

Ability to succeed in unfriendly environments


Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.

- William Butler Yeats


    Communications & Image Coaching

Jan has been an executive coach for over twenty-five years, working with business professionals of all kinds, ranging from public relations experts to board chairs, executive directors, ministers, and politicians. Developing substance, confidence, and direct effectiveness in her clients, she trains effectiveness techniques to suit a wide variety of leadership situations, including organizational communications, team-building, one-on-one meetings, media appearances, crisis management, networking social encounters, business start-ups, and many other challenges.  

Assistance with presentation skills, public speaking, advertising/PR strategies, speechwriting, leadership image consultation, media training, strategic planning, grant writing, marketing materials, presentations.